Conservatory Insulated Roofs


The Living Insulated Conservatory Roof System

Is your conservatory too HOT in the summer or too COLD in the winter?
If so, Conservatory Roof Conversions can help with one of our beautiful insulated
ceilings – Making your conservatory the perfect temperature, leaving you to enjoy
your conservatory in comfort all year round.

Insulated tiled roof

Insulated tile roof is the best of all conservatory roofs totally transforming it almost into a traditional extension but at a fraction of the cost. Tiled to suit your house roof and on the inside a smooth plaster finish.
One of our most popular is the insulated cladded ceiling making your conservatory look and feel bright and airy and virtually maintenance free.
One of our insulated plastered ceilings is a great addition to your conservatory with some key benefits, bright living space, reduces noise from the rain, up to 90% warmer in winter and up to 75% cooler in the summer. Installation time 4 to 6 days.
Many people install a conservatory for extra space; unfortunately conservatories aren’t built to regulate heat, . With many conservatories too HOT in the summer or too COLD in the winter ,with Conservatory Roof Conversions, our customers can use their conservatory all year round, making the most out of their conservatory.
We offer various Conservatory Roof Insulation options, which result in the appearance customers set to achieve. We have options suitable for any budget and requirements. We make your conservatory habitable through all seasons.
Adding a tiled conservatory roof to your conservatory adds to the appearance.
We have a wide range of choice of tiles to suit your home.
Our expert team usually gets the project completed in 4-6 days

Our service:

1. Inspection. Survey & take precise measurements
2. Battening out. Use graded timbers and materials only.
3. Insulation. / High performance insulation celotex to satisfy LABC roof insulation
Building regulations requirements.
4. Tiling. Tiled to suit your house roof.
5. Happy customer with a 5 year warranty

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